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September 11th, 2006 @ 7:24pm
D¦ I swear I can die happy now ♥

Nee...Naruto ¦D you're back now?!

I will come back too soon!!! *grins and stares at sexy ladies awaiting his services* u_u but right now, my fans await me! *perverted laugh and jogs off back to business*

August 31st, 2006 @ 11:17am
*throws dango at Anko* THERE'S YOUR STINKING DANGO!


Anyway!!! Ah were is my student?! Has he still not returned from this mission? *sighs* well I have been keeping myself busy with my researching as usual...Anko made me loose concentration last time T_T; that was the ONLY reason I was caught! *pouts* ¬n¬

Tsunade I haven't heard from you in a while, you still want me to come around? :D I have popcorn and a very good porn movie if you woult like!

*throws condoms to everyone* REMEMBER! KEEP IT SAFE KIDZ! u_u *shakes head* so many horny teenagers around lately....*poof of smoke and disappears*


August 20th, 2006 @ 6:15pm
Well I feel welcomed after so many responses in my last entry >u> nice to feel loved once in a while *grins*

So! Naruto! You coming training when you come back? I hope to see improvements from you.....u_u I would hate to punish my #1 pupil for slacking.....*ignores the fact that you're my only pupil*

Congratulations Tsunade and Wulf! though I must say I am disappointed to have not get an invitation..*frowns* I would have through a child hood friend would have been worth more then that...FEEL THE GUILT!

Oh....And to Kyuubi....Thanks for helping me score ;D! got the ball right into their net if you know what I mean *dirty laugh*..*coughs* u_u;; yes...Ano...NARUTO! I HAVE A JOB FOR YOU! *nodnod* u_u;;


August 17th, 2006 @ 12:02pm
I have returned from my travels, researching brothels for my new upcoming book IchaIcha Desert Paradise - The Oasis, issue 7!! I shall get it published by christmas, so keep an eye out for it *perverted laugh* that was the best information gathering I have done yet *¬*

*coughs* Hn, I see things have gotten along pretty fast around here...Naruto is it true you gave birth O_o I don't remember teaching you that Jutsu.....*sweat drop* did you change into Naruko to do it? *grins* I miss Naruko *dreamy sigh* Perhaps you would allow me to have a little reunion with her sometime nee? *grins*

And Tsunade is getting married! My My I never thought I'd see that happening, though to Gai? or...Wulf?...er.....

Someone kindly explain what the hell is going on here...Because...this can get pretty confusing.....I was walking around today and saw Sabaku no Gaara walking around carrying 3 kids....Since when was he so productive?


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